Your Montreal Coffee Shop Checklist


For anyone who knows me, even just a little, you know that I’m addicted to Coffee. So for the sake of it here’s my Montreal Coffee Shop Checklist.

“Despresso : The feeling you get when you run out of coffee”. ☕️

Tommy Café | 200 Notre Dame West.

“Tommy Café + Apéro is a neighbourhood coffee shop and bar. 
Established in Old Montreal’s British Empire Building, Tommy offers a wide selection of coffees, pastries, snacks and drinks — seven days a week.” This little yet cosy cafe is the perfect place to enjoy a summer reading or even a first date.

On Dejeune™ 🥐

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The CREW Café | 360 St Jacques St

Crew Collective & Cafe is one of the most luxurious Montreal cafe you’ll find. Offering not only coffee, The Crew café is equipped with collective space, private desk and conference rooms you can rent. So if you have to go study or maybe have the intention of getting a study date this would be the case. Crew Café used to be and old bank so it goes without question that the architecture is actually breath-taking and you will 100% be able to focus here! If you are an architecture student or a design student and haven’t visited this café yet, I do NOT know what you are waiting for.